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Highlights of new products brought by Meimei this year

interview guest: Huang Chuangtian, director of the business department of Guangdong baomazhi door and window Technology Co., Ltd.

interview source: Huiya information

General Manager Huang of Yuemei door and window was interviewed by Huiya media reporters

China aluminum doors and windows: what are the highlights of the new products brought by Yuemei this year

Mr. Huang: since last year, Yuemei has been promoting window products. Yuemei has a very obvious technical advantage in the whole door and window industry - door and window curtain wall technology. This curtain wall technology combined with windows can make our doors and windows more beautiful, and the air tightness and water tightness should be improved on the basis of the original traditional doors and windows. This is also a common feature of all windows in Yuemei at present

China aluminum doors and windows: what advantages should enterprises maintain in order to go on in a year of hot investment

Mr. Huang: now many enterprises are talking about investment promotion. In fact, I think investment promotion is not only the business of enterprises, but also the business of dealers themselves. To attract investment, a brand must first provide a platform for dealers to make money and survive, and maintain an advantage in the competition. This piece should be provided by our enterprise. In addition, a prerequisite for any brand to attract investment, or brand promotion, is the product. On the basis of the product, it also needs to have a very excellent sales team. At present, we have a very perfect system to help dealers manage the whole store well and make it competitive in the market. Competitiveness comes first from products, second from price, and third from our daily store management. In addition, it is the group advantage that the company has at present. At present, we have 50000 square meters of plants in Guangdong and 30000 square meters in Jiangxi, which are powerful guarantees provided by our enterprise to dealers

China aluminum doors and windows: will it be difficult for enterprises to make breakthroughs and become bigger and stronger? Do we have any development plans for Yuemei

Mr. Huang: I don't think it's difficult to make a breakthrough, because Yuemei itself has been established since 2004. It registered the Yuemei brand in 2006. Before that, it had been doing foreign trade. Later, we shifted all our strategic focus to China. In fact, we saw the fierce competition in the domestic market. As the saying goes, heroes come from troubled times. Yuemei has been thinking about why we don't enter the domestic market since 15 years ago. Sometimes we ask ourselves, it's a pity that Yuemei doesn't enter the domestic market with such good products and such a good talent system. Therefore, although the competition in the domestic market is very fierce now, we believe that Yuemei can occupy a lot of space in the domestic market with strong product, technology, talent support and enterprise support




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