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There is formaldehyde not only in home decoration, but also in wardrobe. Formaldehyde does great harm to human health. If you want to choose a qualified wardrobe, then environmental protection standards must be indispensable. For this reason, Weiyi wardrobe teaches you to choose environmental protection wardrobe by looking, smelling, asking and cutting

there is formaldehyde not only in the home decoration, but also in the wardrobe. Formaldehyde is very harmful to human health. To choose a qualified wardrobe, then the environmental protection standard must be indispensable. For this reason, Weiyi wardrobe teaches you to choose environmental protection wardrobe by looking, smelling, asking and cutting

hope: when ordinary consumers enter the store, they first have an intuitive visual experience. Environmentally friendly wardrobes should be made of high-quality materials, delicate feel and good edge sealing. Consumers can first see what its board is. If the board is MDF, it is relatively impossible to achieve a deep sense of environmental protection. Second, you can see whether the finish of the wardrobe has been made into paint, because the paint itself contains a lot of formaldehyde. Third, the shopping guide is required to show the inspection certificate of the wardrobe product to see whether its environmental protection grade is E0 or E1

smell: the most intuitive way to detect the release of formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic gases in the wardrobe is to feel it with your nose. When you are close to the cabinet or open the cabinet door, the wardrobe emits bursts of pungent smell, and even red eyes, you can judge that the formaldehyde and other harmful gases of the wardrobe product obviously exceed the standard

Q: most customers who choose to buy wardrobe are decorated for the first time, and they don't know much about the wardrobe board itself. At this time, they need to make professional explanations with the help of shopping guides. Ms. ou, the shopping guide of Weiyi wardrobe, told reporters that she would generally recommend according to the identity of consumers: "recommend according to customers' different occupations and styles, and generally recommend MDF wardrobe for newlyweds, which is fashionable and environmentally friendly. The middle-aged and the elderly recommend solid wood series, which is calm and atmospheric and safe to use." In addition, Ms. Ou suggested that consumers can ask them in detail about the types and brands of boards, hardware and finishes of the wardrobe, "after all, customized wardrobe belongs to large household, with long service life and relatively high price. We are also selling services while selling products, so you are welcome to consult."

cut: "cut" means touching the pulse in traditional Chinese medicine. Here, it refers to feeling the environmental protection performance of the wardrobe through touch, use, etc. Xiechaolin, a senior consultant of Sofia, believes that the environmental protection of a wardrobe can be judged from four aspects: plate, finish, edge banding and hardware. Such as plate and edge banding can be felt by touch. "Like the particle board with a little environmental protection, it feels like log particles on the side, while the MDF looks tighter and denser. In addition, if the edge sealing of the wardrobe is firm and fine, it can prolong the service life of the wardrobe, and the edge sealing can also reduce the emission of formaldehyde. If the edge sealing is rough, not tight, and even glue exudes, it can be determined that the environmental protection coefficient of the wardrobe will not be too high."

the quality of customized wardrobe products of Weiyi wardrobe is mainly solid wood wardrobe. Its wardrobe is environmental friendly and healthy, with upper quality. Its wood is selected from high-grade virgin forest wood as the main material. According to the personalized requirements of customers, the surface of its wardrobe has designed some characteristic patterns that are satisfactory to customers





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