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The house looks beautiful after decoration does not mean that the decoration is perfect. The real good decoration is a design that not only looks beautiful, but also takes into account the convenience and intimacy of future life. Xiaobian asked those who had been decorated to tell you about the small details that they felt were more wise to do when they finished the decoration and lived in their new home for a period of time

I. living room

1 First, check whether there are necessary construction protection measures. For example, the entrance door should be wrapped with pearl cotton, and the paved windowsill and ground should also be properly protected

2. Reasonable arrangement of light sources will make your house more comfortable to live in. The living room should be equipped with a main lamp, supplemented by floor lamps, table lamps or hidden light sources installed on the ceiling. The study should keep natural light as much as possible, and give priority to soft light sources. A desk lamp that protects the eyes is essential

3. It is best to match a low cabinet next to the shoe cabinet to facilitate the elderly to sit down and change shoes. A socket can also be left next to it for inserting shoes

4. There must be more sockets on the TV background wall. After all, TV, set-top box, dvd&hellip& hellip; So many small household appliances have to be placed. It's really ugly to use row plug when the socket is insufficient

5. The empty house was filled with finished furniture, but it was later found that the style was chaotic, and there were many places with inappropriate sizes, resulting in a waste of space. The customized furniture of the whole house saves the trouble of running around, and can also make the overall style more unified, beautiful and compelling

6. The position of switches and sockets shall be reserved according to the position of furniture. Otherwise, after furniture and household appliances enter the site, you may find that some switches and sockets are blocked and cannot be used

7. The first effect of the TV background wall made at a high price is amazing, but watching TV for a long time, the complex background wall is easy to make people feel tired. It's better to make an elegant TV cabinet, which is beautiful and practical

8. The restaurant was empty. It can make a set of combined sideboard, which can store tableware, dry food and wine, and it is also faster to find things

II. Bedroom

1 The embedded wardrobe or other cabinets embedded in the wall not only increases the space inside the cabinet (which can be indomitable), but also makes the space lines more concise and generous. When placing the cabinet, pay attention that the ground and the wall on the side of the cabinet must be horizontal and vertical

2. The switch in the bedroom should be used at both ends, especially at the head of the bed. You know, it's troublesome to get out of bed and turn off the lights every time before going to bed, especially on cold winter nights

III. kitchen

1 Choose to start according to the cooking habits of your family. The open kitchen is suitable for families who like western food. If traditional practices such as stir frying are often used at home, it is recommended to choose a traditional closed kitchen

2. The height of the cabinet top should be customized according to the height of the user. Too high countertops can cause shoulder pain, while too low countertops can cause backache. In addition, before installing the cabinet, be sure to confirm whether the waterway of your home is OK

3. The stove had better not be far away from the vegetable washing basin. The distance between the two is too far, which either leads to cooking when cooking, or the water drops of washing vegetables are spilled all over the floor

4. It is recommended that all faucets be equipped with hot and cold water pipes. Use cold water when washing vegetables and warm water when washing dishes. Everyone knows this truth. At present, there is also a telescopic faucet on the market, which is more convenient to use when cleaning the kitchen

5. Don't use too plain kitchen tiles. First, they are easy to get dirty, and second, they are too dull for a long time. At present, the most popular is mosaic style tiles, which gives people a very spiritual feeling

IV. toilet

1 The shower area of the bathroom can't be saved by pulling a shower curtain. You must make a partition to prevent the floor of the whole bathroom from getting wet

2. Floor drain drainage should be lower than the ground, which is often easy to be ignored and not easy to transform. When decorating, you must pay attention to folding to avoid the phenomenon of flooding the golden mountain after taking a bath every time

3. Make a small cabinet on the balcony of the washing machine, which can not only help the washing machine do sunscreen, but also facilitate the placement of some sundries, such as sundries in washing powder, which is both beautiful and practical

it has always been said that details determine success or failure, which is indeed the case, but in any field, it is absolutely amazing to be able to make every detail of things satisfactory. Our home decoration is the same, from the rough room to a love nest step by step, which needs the painstaking efforts of the decorator. Every detail cannot be ignored, otherwise it will cause inconvenience in future life, and it is easy to affect the mood of residents over time. So the decoration experience of the above people, who are preparing to decorate, can be collected well! In order to avoid being in a hurry when decorating yourself and forgetting these details





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