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Orecx released the call recording software for remote agents in the call center

translated by Lao Qin ye

cti Forum () 1. In this way, the tear strength value can be obtained. News on October 29 (compilation/Lao Qin): orecx, which provides audio acquisition for analysis and machine-based learning, announced its new orekara (remote agent) call for home and remote work agents. He said: "Although the growth of the automotive industry slows down, the software provides contact centers, enterprises and service providers with the best ability to monitor, manage and control 10 ~ 72hr45t interactive records of customers, so as to ensure quality and quantity, comply with regulations, verify orders and resolve disputes. In the process of this pandemic, it is obvious that the traditional call center has been transformed into a In a distributed environment, organizations need specially designed recording software to support their remote agent requirements that can be operated by computer. Steve Kaiser, CEO of orecx, said: we are meeting these needs through a modern, open and flexible platform, enabling the call center to monitor, manage and control agents and their customer interactions, whether financial, insurance, utilities, medical or consumer applications

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