The hottest Oreo cake package was recalled without

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The packaging of Oreo biscuits did not indicate that milk was recalled

an Oreo biscuit was recalled in the United States

2005, and a large package Oreo biscuit was recalled in the United States. The recall statement said that there was an independently packaged biscuit in the large package, and the milk content and composition of the biscuit were not marked. Some consumers would have allergies and even threaten their lives if they ate this biscuit

according to the news, this kind of boxed international standard or industry standard measures the physical properties of various materials. The 100 calorie Oreo baked crispy chocolate wafers weigh 4.86 ounces (about 28 grams per ounce). The product has the best eating date logo 04dec05bd (december4,2005). Consumers can find this logo on the cover of the packaging box

according to the official website, there is a biscuit in an independent package in the box. The milk content and ingredients in this biscuit are not marked on the outer package. Some consumers who are allergic to milk will have allergies if they eat this biscuit, and even threaten their lives. But so far, no consumer has complained about it

the US Food and drug administration is studying the relevant report to explore whether to take further action

verify that the Chinese manufacturer of Oreo did not know about it.

this morning, this newspaper contacted Kraft China Food Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of Oreo's other drainage and exhaust device Leo biscuits. Ms. an of the public affairs department of the company said that Kraft China was not aware of the matter at present. As of press time this morning, kraft China was still verifying the matter

as for whether there are such biscuits in China and whether they will be recalled, the director of Public Affairs Department of kraft in Greater China said that he would reply after further verification

relevant background

according to kraft, kraft food is one of the largest food companies in the world, with operations in 145 countries around the world. It is reported that nabesk is one of Kraft's brand enterprises

therefore, Kraft's jiue electronic universal experimental machine has famous brands with memory function, including Oreo, kraft, Maxwell House, Tang, Sugus, Ritz, Milka and TOBLERONE

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