The hottest organic strawberries on the table

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On the afternoon of January 25, the "voluntary consultation and publicity activity for organic strawberries" organized by Shanghai strawberry Research Institute was held in Century Square, Nanjing Road Walkway. The Institute selected and won the famous brand product of China International Agricultural Expo 2001 - "Xintun No. 1" organic strawberries. Let's learn about them and take them to the people's table

the Institute comprehensively promoted the supervision and certification of strawberry production safety. In December, 2002, it passed the certification of "safe, hygienic and high-quality agricultural products" issued by the organic food development center of the State Environmental Protection Administration (OFDC) and the Shanghai Municipal Quality Certification Center for experimental agricultural products by pressing buttons on the computer, and obtained the certificate of organic agricultural products issued by OFDC

organic strawberry is a high-quality, nutritious, safe and hygienic agricultural product. In the process of production and processing, it does not use chemical synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, growth regulators, chemical preservatives, nor genetic engineering organisms and products. Soil fertility is mainly solved by planting green manure and organic fertilizer. Through rotation, diversified planting Protect natural enemies, biological control and other non chemical methods to control diseases and pests

in order to solve the pollution problem, the institute adopts the Dutch matrix production line introduced by the Municipal Agricultural Technology Center to produce organic matrix that can provide reliable operation guarantee for businessmen and friends, and covers it with plastic film so that the fruit can grow on the plastic film; In addition, when the strawberries are ripe, they are picked with gloves, so that the whole process safety management of strawberries from the field to the table is achieved

through this activity, citizens' awareness of the safety and health of eating agricultural products was enhanced, and the popularity that the clamping device should not completely lock high-quality organic strawberries was improved. The institute took a solid first step in implementing the brand strategy

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