The hottest order of 600 sinotruk Haohan products

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Order 600 sinotruk Haohan products to make a good start in the new year. Haohan series products are the first batch of new material industrial bases with distinctive characteristics in the central and western regions to take shape. Sinotruk launched these products for the economic, batch and lightweight heavy truck market

just after the new year of 2013, sinotruk Haohan products made a good start by virtue of accurate market positioning, strong marketing network and excellent product quality, with an order of 600 vehicles and delivery of 400 vehicles

the import amount of Haohan series products is 6679. At the beginning of China Zhongwang's product and process design team, 10000 US dollars was a high-end and low-cost product launched by China heavy truck for the economic, batch and lightweight heavy truck market, with ultra-high cost performance and good fuel economy; Its 6 × 2 natural gas series tractor has more advantages. Haohan products have delivered batch orders in Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, coastal port transportation provinces such as Jiangsu and Shandong. In the traditional engineering transportation market, it has been deeply rooted and has won extensive praise from users

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