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Orange automation completed the round B financing of 93.75 million yuan

3c automation journey: the 70 mm and 150 mm start-up orange automation has recently completed the round B financing of 93.75 million yuan. This round of financing is led by GGV, followed by xinzhongli, Jingwei China, Xiangfeng capital and Mingshi capital. This round of financing will be mainly used to improve the R & D system, expand the market on a large scale, and replicate products in batches

orange automation focuses on the automation of assembly, packaging and testing in the 3C robot market. At present, it has reached cooperation with a number of manufacturers. In 2017, it has achieved 80million contract orders and 20million profits, achieving profit and loss balance

according to public information, orange automation once obtained Angel round financing from Mingshi capital, and announced a round of financing of 28million yuan in August 2017. Jingwei China led the investment, Mingshi capital, Shanghai ketou enterprise management partnership, and Xiangfeng capital followed the investment

with regard to the investment in orange automation, ChenDan, CO executive president and senior partner of xinzhongli, believes that China has the world's largest 3C manufacturing industry, and the automation penetration rate is still very low. Orange automation is committed to building a highly flexible 3C intelligent production line, and has a broad market prospect. GGV, on the other hand, said that it took a fancy to the rapid iteration products of the team and started from the 3C manufacturing industry, which has won the favor of well-known big customers

The 3C industry with an output value of

4trillion is highly competitive, with short product life cycle and high replacement rate. At present, the 3C industry still basically completes the assembly, packaging and testing by a large number of people. With the increase of domestic labor costs and the continuous emergence of recruitment difficulties, the demand for automation is also increasing

orange automation attaches great importance to such market opportunities. After its establishment, the company will focus on the 3C industry to provide customers with equipment and integration services related to the flexible industrial chain

after R & D in 2015, oranges also gradually began to implement products and services in 2016. At present, the company has established more or less cooperation with the top ten manufacturers in China, and has established in-depth cooperation with three of them. The cooperation includes R & D process design, production process design, production line replication and expanded braking safety and reliability

from the perspective of value provided to customers, the life cycle of orange automation products and solutions is generally four to five years. After use, they can replace the corresponding labor, and the cost can be recovered in about 16 months (generally, the manufacturer's cost recovery is expected to be within 2 years). At the same time, making the test pieces align with the center line of the collet and tighten the screws for clamping can meet the current requirements of flexible manufacturing in 3C industry, taking into account the requirements of different production lines of customers, Build a new production line quickly and at a low cost (it is likely that only 2million yuan will be needed to complete the update iteration of the new production line in the later stage, which is far lower than building a new production line), and seize the market opportunity. Under the background of fierce competition and slow growth in the current industry, it meets the needs of customers to reduce costs and improve timeliness

in terms of specific commercial implementation, the proportion of orange automation sales products and integrated services is about 5:5. In terms of products, relatively formed products have been developed, including the standardized software design platform for md-pro intelligent factory, ijet100 for high-precision spray dispensing, ilabeling100 for label fitting, ka100 ring line for high-speed and high-precision electronic assembly and testing, and insight100 for automatic defect detection. In terms of integration, it has formed multi link integration capabilities including R & D standardization, DF standardization, lightweight consulting, production line design and implementation. Orange automation believes that it has both product capability and integration capability, and is also one of the competitiveness of the company

in terms of customer expansion, orange automation divides its customers into brand customers that can bring brand endorsement, OEM and ODM customers that can bring revenue and profit, and component suppliers that can bring cash flow according to its own business development needs. At present, the main customer groups are brand customers, OEM and ODM customers. At present, the 3C automation industry is still in its infancy. Such head customers have greater R & D funds and investment. After reaching cooperation with these head customers, it is easier to form a brand and may become a part of the actual industry standard

these head customers often involve business customization. In order to control costs, orange automation is also improving the reusability of equipment by decomposing scenarios and modularizing equipment. At present, the reusable rate of the equipment has increased from% to about 80%

in fact, there are many robot companies in China that value new opportunities in the 3C market. Orange automation believes that the main competitive advantage of the company to promote the key work to achieve the expected goal is that it has been implemented in the head customers; Brand customers, OEMs and ODM manufacturers have a relatively large volume and make prudent decisions when transforming production lines. Therefore, companies with experience and landing cases such as orange automation have more advantages. In actual operation, old customers have introduced new customers

apart from starting earlier, the reason why it can be implemented quickly is related to the team's industry experience and the company's organizational structure design. CEO shaoyongfeng explained that at the beginning, the company focused its business on the industry, designed the company structure around the needs of the industry in organization and testing, and formed a team. At present, 80% of the technical personnel in the team come from the 3C industry

recently, considering the implementation of services and product maintenance, orange automation has also set up regional offices in Chongqing, Suzhou and other places to expand markets outside South China

besides the automobile industry, 3C has become a new growth point for robot enterprises. Automation in 3C industry has entered a high growth channel in 2014. However, most of them focus on front-end links such as PCBA board, forging, polishing and painting, including four families, listed companies such as smart Songde, Shengli precision, rapoo technology, Jinsheng intelligent and Changying precision, and start-ups such as Luoshi

however, the back-end assembly, packaging and testing are still basically completed manually. With the increase of domestic labor costs and the continuous emergence of recruitment difficulties, the demand for automation is also increasing. Orange automation said that the automation rate of these links is about 10%. However, from the current communication with customers and actual orders, the automation of the industry is likely to increase to about 30% this year and next. This also means that orange automation may enjoy the dividends of the rapid development of the industry

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