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Oriental double lions tell you why mechanical watches are more high-end than quartz watches

why does little lion dare to say that mechanical watches are more high-end than quartz watches? It is not because they are too bold, but because the category of mechanical watches is indeed a more high-end presence in the watch industry. Whether in terms of movement technology, price or the status in the hearts of watch fans, mechanical watches occupy the position of absolute "big man" among watches of the same level. Next, the little lion will prove one by one how the mechanical watch is worthy of the word "high-end"

born in the French royal family

it is well known that the appearance of mechanical watches was far earlier than that of quartz watches. Since 1841, Napoleon had made the queen happy with mechanical watches. At this time, the quartz watch did not know where he was. Until the mechanical watches had been refined in technology for more than 100 years, the quartz watches appeared in 1969

it would be too backward to discuss whether it is high-end or not from the time of its emergence. Such an idea will not prevail in the new society of the 21st century. In terms of life experience, although one family background has also created a brand-new "partner" business model in the royal family, and one family background is more than 100 years later in Japan, there can be no rash decision between the two. Watch, after all, depends on the craft

the movement is regarded as a work of art

when we said that the mechanical watch was born, it was said that the appearance time of the mechanical watch was more than 100 years earlier than that of the quartz watch. Although this can not determine the high-end of the mechanical watch, it can not be denied that the mechanical watch has continuously improved its technological level over the past 100 years

take the 46 series movement family of Oriental twin lions for example, from the classic 46 movement to the 46-f6 and then to the 46-f7 movement

since it appeared on watches in 1971, it has not only realized 50 hours of operation in just 47 years since the servo motor [servo motor], solved the problem of the angle of the dynamic storage display in the dial due to the lengthening of the dynamic storage time, but also improved the assembly method to make the watch thinner. At the same time, it strengthened the depth of the hollow parts, making the surface treatment and pattern of each metal part more exquisite, meeting the needs of mechanical watches as works of art

the most advanced place of a watch is not how expensive it is to sell, nor how famous it is. Instead, it is included in the category of art in the hearts of people who understand watches. Every slight collision and friction sound of gears in mechanical watches is intoxicating. Such a mechanical watch can be called high-end

the lunar phase series re-am0001s00d

is handed down in one continuous line and moves with the "core"

the mechanical watch has a strong sense of family inheritance, which is by no means groundless. One of the great advantages of mechanical watches is that they can be worn for a long time. No matter they are put on for decades, as long as they are properly maintained and stored, and worn after winding, the movement can still start to work. Wearing a watch handed down by grandparents or fathers, the significance of family inheritance arises spontaneously

orient mon Bijou 1991

the sound of life never stops

the "movement" composed of hundreds of parts or the total number of swings when all the wires are disconnected and cannot be powered on can be viewed. It can be called the "heart" of a mechanical watch. After winding up, the "heart" beats. This feature is very similar to human beings. The sound of life never stops

because the mechanical watch is driven only by the gear spring without any other power, it requires very high process accuracy. It shows the unique charm and artistic style of precision mechanical timing instruments, which can be called handicrafts, so it is of great collection value


of course, mechanical watches are not without disadvantages. Error is a common problem of all mechanical watches. It is necessary to wind up and adjust the time to keep the watch accurate

it's just right. Accurate travel time is one of the strengths of quartz watches. Generally, changing the battery every two years is the most important thing for quartz watches

if clothing is used for comparison, mechanical watches are more like advanced customization. Some people are willing to spend time to enjoy the fun of adjusting time and the subtlety of each process; Quartz watches are more like brand chain stores. They are simple, fast and do not need to be tailored

therefore, the advanced sense of the mechanical watch cannot be replaced by the quartz watch, and the convenience of the quartz watch cannot be completely replaced by the mechanical watch. Of course, with the continuous improvement of the dynamic storage and accuracy of the mechanical watch, whether this sense of convenience can be replaced, we don't know whether you prefer the mechanical watch or the quartz watch in front of the screen

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why does Sohu Finance dare to say that mechanical watches are more high-end than quartz watches? It is not because they are too bold, but because the category of mechanical watches is indeed a more high-end presence in the watch industry. Whether in terms of movement technology, price or in the hearts of watch fans

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