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In the first week of September, driven by the organic sector, the chemical market was generally better, but it was still inferior compared with the same period last year. Analysts believe that the upward momentum of the chemical market since the third quarter is mainly driven by the cost and the external market. If the market wants to perform further, it needs to be released by domestic demand

in September, the domestic chemical industry market clearly distinguished between the rising and falling sectors. Relying on the strong cost support of international crude oil at the high level of 108 US dollars/barrel, the organic chemical industry sector forced the inorganic sector to regain the first group position in the rising list. The situation of organic and inorganic co rising that had been maintained for half a month has come to an end. It is urgent for enterprises, management departments, design units and law enforcement departments at all levels to identify whether polyurethane thermal insulation materials are qualified.

among the 68 important chemical products tested by the trading society, there are 26 commodities whose prices have increased month on month, and the top three commodities whose prices have increased are propane, styrene and pure benzene respectively. Zhang Ming, an industry analyst at the business community chemical industry bank, said that the overall trend of the chemical market as of the third quarter was good. The leading sectors were similar to those in previous years. They were dominated by organic chemical basic raw materials and had the necessary conditions to achieve gold, silver and ten

in terms of demand, stimulated by the rise in the price of petroleum benzene, domestic hydrobenzene and coking benzene enterprises have increased their enthusiasm to start work, and increased the purchase of crude benzene, resulting in the rise in the price of crude benzene. At the same time, since this year, the overseas market has increasingly increased the demand for herbicides in China, which has further strained the domestic supply and demand. Glyphosate, as the main component of herbicides, is almost one of the products in this year's list of rising chemical industry, which is resident with the recovery of the construction market. Data show that from January to July, China's herbicide export volume and amount increased significantly, with a total export volume of 489500 tons, an increase of 33.4%; The total export volume was USD 1.46 billion, an increase of 45.9%

the external market has also become a major positive factor in the current chemical market. It is understood that the closing price of p-xylene in Asia fluctuated around us $1505/ton last week. As China's dependence on xylene is as high as 46%, the strong external price will boost the domestic market

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