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Children's rooms are always decorated with various colors, especially the large area of the wall. The colorful decoration will naturally win the favor of children, and wallpaper and paint will come in handy. Some parents also asked: is there a clear answer to whether wallpaper or paint is better for the wall

1. Decorative effect PK

wallpaper printing technology has developed quite mature long ago, from gorgeous flowers to cartoon animals, from avant-garde design to ink landscape, whether European or pastoral, almost all popular home styles can be easily demonstrated by wallpaper, and its rich patterns and changeable texture deeply attract many young owners

compared with wallpaper, the design and color of paint is slightly monotonous, but the high-end paint market is also beginning to change. Some wallpaper paints can already imitate the effect of wallpaper, but in practical application, the effect of wallpaper paint is still less delicate than wallpaper, and only small patterns can be made, while large patterns cannot be done. There is also a kind of texture paint on the market, which can brush the hard texture and pattern of marble, as well as the soft texture of leather and even the texture of weaving. In addition, the recently popular wall painting art also makes the paint colorful, which is different from wallpaper

post comparison score: Wallpaper: 3 paint: 4

European style wallpaper Yi Jia wallpaper

2, environmental protection performance PK

the environmental protection performance of wallpaper has always been controversial. The common wallpaper in the market can be divided into two categories, pure paper wallpaper made of pulp and plastic wallpaper made of PVC. You see how beautiful the patterns on the wallpaper are, they are actually toxic. These patterns need formaldehyde in the printing process, In particular, the pollution of foamed PVC wallpaper is more serious. But the biggest pollution source of wallpaper decoration is not itself, but must be used in the construction process “ Wallpaper glue ”. Formaldehyde in the glue is sealed in the wall by wallpaper, and the volatilization period can be as long as 3-15 years. Although many high-end wallpapers, such as the icon wallpapers, have specially matched glue, the release of harmful gases is also within the normal range. However, compared with paint, its environmental protection is greatly reduced

as long as the coating is a qualified product, it will not contain formaldehyde. Its main pollution is VOC (organic volatile matter), but VOC is also relatively volatile. Generally, ventilation is no problem after 1 month. Mickey professional children's paint can realize the all-round protection of family air, pollution, clean taste and mold, just like creating a four fold air protection barrier for children, decomposing the harmful substances in the air caused by floor, home decoration and other decoration, purifying the indoor air, and creating a forest level home environment for children. In fact, they can live in after the paint film is dry

score after comparison: Wallpaper: 3 points paint: 5 points

3. Difficulty and ease of construction PK

Dulux Nippon Paint

compared from the degree of difficulty and ease of construction, the paint is relatively easier. However, if the construction period is considered, the coating period should be longer

the technical requirements of wallpaper decoration construction are high, otherwise it will fall off and affect the service life. For example, if the glue used for pasting is not good, it is easy to roll up and fall off. When the construction personnel are not skilled, it will also affect the beauty of the wallpaper. For example, excessive glue will cause overflow, and the subsequent treatment fails to clean it with sponge dipped in water in time. After a few days, there will be signs of yellowing at the joints. In addition, if the waterproof treatment of the wall is not in place, the wallpaper will turn yellow due to the long-term dampness of the wall. The construction difficulty of coating decoration is much smaller. As long as the putty is evenly applied, the base course is cleaned and the paint is not too sticky, there will be no blistering of paint surface, wrinkle of paint film and watermarks. In terms of construction cycle, wallpaper is generally much more convenient to use than paint, and the cycle is short. However, a new construction method of paint is emerging, which is airless spraying. It is not only efficient, but also much smoother than brush coating and roller coating. The construction can be completed in about a day with this method

score after comparison: Wallpaper: 5 paint: 4

4, service life PK

General wall paint has moisture-proof, mold proof, scrub resistant and other functions, so it is no problem to use it for more than ten years, while the service life of wallpaper is only 3 to 5 years at most, and it is easy to have some small problems such as fading, degumming, cracks and so on in the middle. If the environment is humid, mold and large pieces will fall off in a few months. The latex paint, which is the most used for interior wall decoration of wall paint, has a service life of about 10 years if it is well protected. Of course, this is in the general environment. If it is not well constructed, the service life of both wallpaper and latex paint will be reduced. The wallpaper may bulge, fall off or curl, and the emulsion paint may have cracks or peeling

score after comparison: Wallpaper: 3 points paint: 4 points

5. Purchase price pk

on the market, the price of a roll of medium-grade wallpaper is about 400 yuan/roll. If calculated according to the fact that each roll can lay 5.2 square meters of walls, the cost of medium-grade wallpaper is about 79.4 ~ 84.6 yuan/square meter. According to the current paint price level, the cost of mid-range decoration level is about 40 ~ 60 yuan/square meter. With the same level of decoration, the cost of wallpaper is obviously higher than that of paint. On the one hand, the reason is that the paint price is relatively transparent, especially the brand paint, and the price elasticity space is small; There are many brands of wallpapers, which hide a lot of tricks. Owners are easy to be fooled. There are many kinds of wallpapers. There are at least thousands of products in a factory. Manufacturers have to invest a lot of abrasive costs, which naturally increases the cost

score after comparison: Wallpaper: 3 points paint: 4 points

through comprehensive PK, paint still has a considerable advantage over wallpaper. At present, paint is the first choice for decoration of most families in the market, not only because of its affordable price, but also because its environmental protection technology is relatively mature. In addition, the effect of paint has become more and more rich, and the colorful paint wall painting is also competing with some wallpaper

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