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Beijing 45 days 3D printing 400 square meters villa anti-8 earthquake

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core tips: Recently, in a workshop in Tongzhou, Beijing, The world's first house printed by 3D printer was born. Different from the previous 3D printing buildings that accelerated the upgrading of plastic granulator technology at home and abroad, this villa was printed by printer on site, rather than printed in advance and then spliced

[China Packaging News] recently, the world's first house printed with 3D printer was born in a factory in Tongzhou, Beijing. Different from previous 3D printing buildings at home and abroad, this villa is printed on-site by a special global training and technology center printer, rather than printed in advance and then spliced

the wall has a thickness of 250cm, a height of two layers, a height of 3M for each layer, 20 tons of reinforcement for the foundation and wall, a C30 grade of concrete, 380 cubic meters. The whole process is controlled by computer programs, and its seismic level has reached above grade 8 through testing. Compared with traditional building forms, 3D printing houses have no waste of raw materials and less industrial waste, which greatly reduces the total project cost and saves the cost of de weaving and modeling. At the same time, 3D technology printing houses are all operated by mechanical automation, which does not consume human resources and saves human costs

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