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Beijing Express packaging industry issued the green standard

release date: Source: capital construction daily

implemented the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", aiming at the greening, reduction and recycling of express and e-commerce packaging... On May 15, it was learned from Beijing Express association that in order to implement the relevant provisions of Beijing Municipal Regulations on the management of domestic waste, Beijing Express Association issued the standard of "Beijing Express e-commerce green packaging"

it is understood that the standard takes systematization, operability and quantification as the principle, follows the requirements of legal production, economical use, full recovery and effective reuse, and puts forward clear requirements for the key development indicators of Beijing express and e-commerce green packaging to strengthen the technical transformation of converter equipment, Although the current production capacity development of the plastic flexible packaging industry is booming, it highlights the industrial synergy between express and e-commerce enterprises in the field of green packaging, and makes it clear that express and e-commerce green packaging are the common goal of the whole industry and the whole society

it is noted that the standard proposes that e-commerce enterprises should fully consider the needs of mailing and delivery safety and commodity transportation when designing packaging materials, so as to ensure that the highly symmetrical and low-density unstable structural layer packaging related to grain size and preparation method can meet the mailing and delivery requirements, and create conditions for the mailing and delivery enterprises not to carry out secondary packaging. At the same time, e-commerce enterprises use packaging that is convenient for transportation. On the premise of ensuring safe delivery, they give priority to simple packaging, reduce unnecessary packaging and eliminate excessive packaging

in terms of waste recycling, the standard proposes that the express enterprises should improve the super long-life express packaging recycling system at the business sites in combination with local conditions, such as setting up packaging waste recycling devices, formulating relevant recycling methods, and taking multiple measures to open the "reverse logistics" mode of packaging recycling. At the same time, express and e-commerce enterprises are encouraged to use reusable environmental packaging materials, and express and e-commerce enterprises are encouraged to reduce and reuse packaging materials through "reverse logistics". In addition, e-commerce platforms are encouraged to carry out green consumption activities, provide choices of green packaging, price according to different packaging categories, and establish mechanisms such as integral feedback and green credit to guide consumers to use green packaging or reduce packaging

the relevant person in charge of Beijing Express Association said that the formulation of the rules is conducive to standardizing and guiding express and e-commerce enterprises to speed up the development of new modes and new formats of green packaging and reduced packaging, improve the efficiency of resource utilization in the field of express and e-commerce packaging, reduce packaging consumption, reduce environmental pollution, and contribute to Beijing's overall strengthening of ecological environment protection and firmly fighting the battle against pollution

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