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Beihai, Guangxi welcomes Yingda's "king of road construction" and writes a new chapter

Beihai, Guangxi welcomes Yingda's "king of road construction" and writes a new chapter

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Guide: Recently, with the arrival of a new Yingda PM500 king of road construction, the maintenance of municipal roads in garden cities will open a new chapter. This orange road repair king will undertake the main task of road maintenance required by Beihai Municipal government that thermal insulation materials should have good thermal insulation performance, and protect the beauty of garden city roads. Fast heating

recently, with the arrival of a brand-new Inda PM500 "road builder", the maintenance of "garden city" municipal roads will open a new chapter. This orange "Road King" will undertake the main task of Beihai Municipal road maintenance and protect the beauty of the "garden city" road

the heating is twice as fast, and the "king of road repair" of Yingda stands out.

it is reported that the maintenance equipment was introduced this time. The Beihai Municipal Engineering Management Office convened a number of manufacturers to demonstrate and compete. The "king of road repair" of Yingda PM500 stands out. The most attractive feature of the owners is its high efficiency and economy. Product advantages of hydraulic universal testing machine wangyuhui, chief of the equipment section of Beihai Municipal Engineering Management Office, introduced to us that they were deeply impressed by the heating wall efficacy of Yingda "road repair king". When heating road diseases in the same area, the heating speed of "road repair king" was twice as fast as that of similar products in the market, and its high efficiency was evident

according to Wang's explanation, "in general, the trapezoidal lead screw gap is larger than the friction, and the application life is shorter than that of the road repair king" of Inda. The heating wall is a heating plate using special ceramic materials as the heat radiator, which has high heating efficiency and energy utilization. The intermittent heat radiation heating technology can fully heat the road surface without burning the road surface; moreover, the fuel used by the "road repair king" is liquefied gas, Unlike other manufacturers' equipment that uses diesel, liquefied gas can be fully burned, and its economic efficiency is very high. "

section chief Wang said that it was these characteristics of Yingda's "king of road construction" that made it the final winner in the bidding. When the deformation reaches the switching point of the extensometer set in the experimental scheme, the "emergency repair" is a good helper, which is highly praised by the owner.

with the development of the city, the task of urban management is becoming increasingly heavier. How to quickly respond to the emergency repair task of urban roads has always been a difficult problem for the maintenance units

it is reported that the emergency repair task of general municipal roads should be basically completed within 24 hours, not more than 48 hours at the latest, which puts forward higher requirements for road maintenance units. Section chief Wang said: "in the past, it was necessary to repair a piece of road disease with four or five processes and dozens of workers for at least oneortwo days. If the weather is not good, it is possible to repair it for ten days and a half months. Now, with the arrival of Yingda 'road repair King', this problem will be completely solved."

pm500 "king of road repair" rotary silo has a very fast heating speed. After receiving the maintenance task, load the silo with cold materials, and then set off for the construction destination. Heat while walking. The hot materials can be discharged in half an hour

environmental protection construction, another beautiful landscape of "garden city"

Beihai has a pleasant climate, and its air quality is known as the best in China. In addition to Beihai's unique natural conditions, the local government's attention to environmental protection is also an indispensable factor

chief Wang said that at the beginning of equipment procurement, The environmental protection characteristics of Inda's "king of road repair" equipment are also an important factor they consider: "unlike the traditional milling and paving process, the" king of road repair "does not need milling for the damaged pavement. Instead, the raw pavement materials are heated and raked loose, emulsified asphalt is added and recycled, which not only avoids environmental pollution, but also greatly reduces the use of new materials, saves maintenance costs and protects the ecological environment!"

at the end of the visit, section chief Wang said emotionally: "the arrival of Yingda 'road repair King' will become another beautiful scenic spot in Beihai. We look forward to it writing a new chapter for the road maintenance work of Beihai Municipal Administration!"

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