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Beijing Hangzhou mansion adopts double-layer hollow low

glass, which is one of the important materials in modern architecture. With the development of glass technology, high-quality glass materials often have multiple functions, such as beauty, good daylighting, energy saving and constant temperature. For residential buildings, the use of glass materials needs to meet the living needs of modern people and provide a better living environment

the green city Beijing Hangzhou mansion project, which has always been famous for its quality, adopts high-end imported Low-E hollow glass, which has multiple advanced functions such as adjusting indoor warmth, reducing radiation, blocking noise and improving daylighting, making the indoor living environment more comfortable and pleasant. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the emission of outdoor pollutants and create a more comfortable and livable green mansion for owners

energy saving and environment-friendly Low-E glass

double-layer hollow Low-E glass

green city Jinghang mansion selects the domestic famous brand Low-E glass and Bridge cutoff aluminum profile, which is one of the most ideal materials for thermal insulation and noise insulation in the world at present, and is generally only used in high-level public buildings. Relevant data show that when Low-E energy-saving insulating glass is adopted, the unit glass cost will increase by 30%~40%, while the full sliding Low-E glass open window adopted by the green city Jinghang mansion is 50% higher than the construction cost of the general hanging Low-E glass open window. These high-performance aluminum alloys are available. With such high cost, the performance of the glass opening window of the Beijing Hangzhou government project is much higher than that of ordinary projects. It has multiple advanced functions, such as adjusting indoor warmth, reducing radiation, blocking noise, improving daylighting, and so on. It only provides each owner with a healthier, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving home

"Low-E glass, popularly speaking, is low radiation coated glass, that is, a layer of low radiation film is coated on the glass, which can reduce the transmission of indoor heat energy caused by radiation to the outside in cold seasons. In hot summer, Low-E glass can effectively block a large number of heat sources from entering the room through high reflection of mid and far infrared rays, making the room doubly cool, so as to achieve the effect of adjusting room temperature; while the air layer in the middle of double-layer glass can effectively block a large number of heat sources from entering the room in cold seasons Energy saving can effectively reduce indoor and outdoor heat transfer, and play an effective heat preservation effect. " The professional engineer said, "at the same time, another significant function of the utility model is energy conservation and environmental protection. In cold winter, the emission of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide caused by heating is the main pollution source. If the double-layer hollow Low-E glass is used, the heat loss is reduced, which can greatly reduce the fuel used for heating, reduce the emission of harmful gases, and ensure the cleanness of the owner's living environment."

it can be said that the use of Low-E glass can not only help the room effectively adjust the indoor temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer; It can also reduce the consumption of heating in winter, reduce the emission of harmful air gases, improve the air quality in the community, and effectively reduce the incidence rate of the elderly or children with respiratory diseases in the community. It is especially suitable for large families with three generations of children and the elderly

high quality resources create a new model of green human settlement

not only that, it is understood that the double-layer hollow Low-E glass not only has a significant effect in regulating room temperature, saving energy and environmental protection, but also has good optical performance, which can bring better lighting and viewing effects to residents. The Low-E insulating glass in Beijing Hangzhou mansion adopts the design of the whole large glass with floor to ceiling windows, which can not only achieve the excellent ventilation effect from all directions, but also ensure the good lighting effect in the house all year round, making the whole room look very transparent. At night, it can have a panoramic view of the prosperity of Tongzhou new city

calcined products at all costs reflect the continuous pursuit of product quality and the service concept of always considering for the owner. As a benchmark project of green human settlement in Tongzhou, green city Beijing Hangzhou high-end products and key components have not yet reached the state of localization. The government is building a new model of high-quality green human settlement with its own excellent product quality, scarce natural resources and perfect living facilities

the green city Jinghang mansion is located in the core of Tongzhou new town, opposite the Tongzhou District government. It is an important business gathering place in ancient times and modern times, and close to the subway, with convenient transportation; Xihaizi Park and the millennium old canal surround the project to form a natural green belt to purify the air and warm the climate. In addition, the project itself is also equipped with top-level urban living facilities such as 80000 ㎡ shopping center, 800 ㎡ sunken shopping plaza and 7500 ㎡ private sky garden. In addition, the surrounding perfect medical education facilities and many high-quality resources for commercial catering fully meet the needs of the owner's daily life and the test piece inserted by the clamping unit, creating a more convenient and comfortable living atmosphere. Recently, the 230260 square meter high-rise entity model room of the green city Beijing Hangzhou government project was grandly opened. It is made of top quality and fine workmanship. We welcome your appreciation

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