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Beijing: the purchase of copying paper has become another source of windfall profits

caption: secretly visited 7 copying paper dealers in the Beijing market. The survey results show that the negotiated price of copying paper is lower than the market price, and the purchase has become a source of windfall profits in the copying paper industry

why does the agreed supply price become the target of public criticism? Is the supplier playing tricks on the bid winning price, or is the government procurement not in place? With these questions, I decided to take the common copy paper in office supplies as an example to conduct a sampling survey in Beijing

at 1:00 p.m. on August 18, I came to Beijing Yongwaicheng cultural goods market, which is the distribution center of Beijing cultural goods, commonly known as Shazikou cultural goods market. After the market has changed and its popularity will be further expanded for several rounds, it is decided to choose the 70g*a4 copy paper of the golden flagship brand as the sampling product for this survey. For one thing, the copy paper with this specification and the innovative brand of physical education is widely used, and the field of plastic utilization is constantly expanding, and buyers purchase more; Second, this kind of copy paper is more common in the market, which can make the sampling comparable. After making up his mind, he entered Beijing hanbofeng Trading Co., Ltd. in the market and made an inquiry to Gao Zhengmin, the manager of the company, on the grounds of unified procurement for the unit

how much is the gold flagship 70g*a4 copy paper per package

25 yuan, invoice can be issued

our company has stable quality and other characteristics. Our company needs to purchase 60 cases per month (10 bags for one case). Can it be cheaper? Ask for price reduction on the grounds of large quantity

for bulk purchase, it is 24.8 yuan per package, but we are not responsible for delivery. In a few rounds, Manager Gao offered his reserve price

after the inquiry, the company was required to show the qualification certificate and purchase certificate of Yalong paper distributor on the grounds that it was necessary to show samples for the unified procurement of the unit, and the product was sampled. According to Gao Zhengmin, he purchases goods through whole containers, and the supply of goods from several stores around him is provided by their company. After sampling, I walked into Beijing Zhipeng Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd. next to me. After inquiry, I learned that the price of the same product is 25.2 yuan per package

look at the time. It's already 2:00 p.m. and decide to go to the next stop, Beijing Yongdingmen Wanpeng stationery store. At the cultural goods speed matching center in the shopping mall, we made an inquiry for the gold flagship 70g*a4 copy paper for the same reason. The result is that each package is 25.5 yuan, and the delivery starts from 10 boxes

it seems that the price in the stationery market is generally around 25 yuan per package. What about the supermarket? Thinking of this, I went to the Shoulian supermarket on Lize Road, Beijing on my way back to work. I found that the price of the product in the supermarket was 31.8 yuan per package, so I didn't take samples

back to the company, open the station of the procurement center of the organ directly under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, click to query the price of 70g*a4 copy paper of golden flagship in the column of agreement supply, and the page shows that there are three bid winning suppliers for the product, the bid winning price is 23.3 yuan per package, and provide delivery and barrier free return and exchange services in Beijing. In this way, each package of the same kind of products purchased by the procurement center of the organs directly under the central government is at least 1.5 yuan lower than the market price. In addition, you can enjoy services that are not available in the general market. But will there be a cheaper business in Beijing? I decided to go to some cultural commodity markets the next day

19 in the afternoon, drive to the Zhongguancun business department of Beijing Hengxin Yiyuan cultural office supplies, No. 4517, Zhongguancun e world, Haidian District, Beijing. The reason why we choose here is that in our impression, the price of office supplies here is relatively cheap. After inquiry, we learned that the price of each package is 25.5 yuan, and we can issue an invoice, but the price is only limited to customers who buy more than 20 boxes. In view of the fact that the store has only samples but no stock, no sampling was carried out

then, we arrived at Zhengyuan office supplies supermarket on the first floor of Jiuling building, No. 21, West Third Ring Road North, Haidian District, Beijing. The price offered here is 27 yuan per package. If you buy goods above 1000 yuan at one time, you can apply for a membership card and enjoy the membership price of 26.5 yuan per package on the spot. The merchant said that the products purchased above 500 yuan can be delivered

after coming out of Zhengyuan office supplies supermarket, we arrived at the last stop of the sampling survey, Beijing Capital office equipment Co., Ltd., located at Beilishi Road, Xicheng District, Beijing. This is a well-known office supplies mall that opened earlier in Beijing. After inquiry, we learned that the price of each package is 27 yuan, and the products above 200 yuan can be delivered, which is still higher than the price agreed by the procurement center of the central government

in this sampling survey, a total of 7 suppliers in Beijing market were secretly interviewed, and 3 suppliers were sampled. The highest quotation was 31.8 yuan per package, and the lowest quotation was 25 yuan per package. Both the highest and lowest quotations are higher than the agreed prices of the three government procurement centers in Beijing. The agreement price of the procurement center directly under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is 23.2 yuan, and the agreement price of the central government procurement center is 23.3 yuan. The agreement price of the Beijing Municipal Government Procurement Center is divided into two grades: 22.8 yuan for those with 1million yuan and 22.6 yuan for those with more than 1million yuan (including 1million yuan). It should be added that in the process of unannounced visits, when individual suppliers learned that they were purchasing for the company, they privately negotiated with them, hoping to increase the product price, but they would give a 5% 10% rebate

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