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Beijing Yipu Union decided that American ICs would launch the all Chinese paperless Remote Proofing System

leading the world's most advanced paperless Remote Proofing Technology, I corresponds to the corresponding national standards, and the corresponding tooling fixture CS (USA) company is very honored to announce that while the all Chinese culture paperless Remote Proofing System Remote director is officially released, ICs has designated that its new Chinese version will be uniformly marketed by Beijing Yipu Printing Technology Co., Ltd., a distribution partner in China. As far as paperless Remote Proofing Technology is concerned, China seems to be in a wait-and-see state, full of boundless business opportunities. Today, we are very pleased to announce that the world's top paperless Remote Proofing product, the all Chinese remote director, has been developed for Chinese users and can start ordering. Xie Baojie, general manager of Beijing Yipu Printing Technology Co., Ltd., said: the Chinese market contains a huge demand for paperless Remote Proofing, especially when we integrate high-precision color management and high-speed collaborative work technology, The advantages of remote director are obvious

ics president Jeffrey? Jeffrey Silverman commented that Beijing Yipu Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is an excellent partner of ICs in China in terms of business development and technology. Its employees' deep understanding of paperless Remote Proofing has played a great role in promoting the market. It is also because of their hard work that ICs can bring this top technology to China and contribute to China's construction and development

the full Chinese version of the ICs paperless Remote Proofing System Remote director provides a complete set of solutions, which are very convenient and effectively integrated into the existing production process. Whether it is an advertising company or a printing plant, the remote director can achieve:

1 Instant (real-time synchronization) collaboration, unlimited number of clients

2. All clients can obtain digital proofing with accurate color and matching with the actual printing

3. Fully open system structure, allowing connection with all current workflow

4. Working platform (referring to computers, monitors, etc.) so if these electronic components and parts need to be folded without customization, the hardware cost is very economical

5. At the same time, it can also meet the cross platform (Macintosh and windows) application software with positive performance requirements of low temperature resistance to about (4) 0 ℃, color difference △ e less than 0.5 C, and high dimensional stability. No matter which operating system is used, the remote director client has no barrier to communicate

6. The color accuracy has obtained the international printing standard swop? Certification

remote director software development kit (SDK) supports the connection with various workflow. Users can complete the proofing operation in the existing workflow through the SDK without running the proofing software. Similarly, through the SDK, users can also upload proofs, invite customers, and set customer permissions in existing processes. The automatic email notification function can completely simplify the customer's operation. The customer can directly enter the proofing process by clicking the link in the email, and can automatically complete the display calibration (spectrophotometer is required). The master user will also receive an automatic email (calling the main program through the SDK) to know that the invited client has read the proofing

ics has a wide range of partners in the world, including both industry product technology suppliers and system integrators. Excellent product lines are deployed through the ICs Software Development Kit SDK. These partners include xinet, adstream, vio and mediabank

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