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Beijing evening news is the first domestic rolling publication precedent.

the Beijing Evening News published the day before yesterday realized rolling publication for the first time. Mr. Fang Hanqi, professor and doctoral supervisor of polypropylene materials of Renmin University of China, a leading academic in China, commented that the rolling publication of Beijing evening news is an initiative and has no precedent in the history of Chinese publishing

the deadline for the first publication of the Beijing Evening News the day before yesterday was 12:30 noon. In the process of printing the newspaper, the Ministry received a major surprise: the helicopter crashed in the earthquake relief work was found! In order to enable readers to get this major issue of general concern at the first time, the Ministry has remade the front page and printed a new version of the report from 13:30. It is reported that one third of yesterday's Beijing evening news was the first edition; 2 the meaning of innovation understood by the plastic film blowing machine manufacturer/3 is the second version

According to Fang Hanqi, rolling publishing is now a common practice in developed countries. It can even be said that it is the emergence of rolling publishing that makes the evening paper have no living space. One of the important reasons for the demise of evening newspapers in many countries and regions is that the way of rolling out newspapers has seized the market of evening newspapers to a large extent

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