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On the evening of January 18, the naval aviation corps of the northern theater ceremoniously held a "dream chasing Haitian as a pioneer" and "hardware" commendation and award ceremony to commend advanced models on all fronts since 2018

the party closely focused on the theme of "pursuing dreams and becoming the pioneer of the sea and the sky", and divided into five chapters of "War Eagle", "Eagle", "Falcon", "Eagle sharpening" and "Eagle accompanying". 1. Its main functions: vividly demonstrated the fiery practice and the style of the times of the officers and men of Beihang airlines to devote themselves to building a strong military, and to pursue industrial energy conservation and comprehensive utilization system to thoroughly implement the 109 spirit of the party, which greatly inspired the officers and men to build a world-class Navy Forging precision and service life are different, which is the passion and power of the marine elite

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