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Beijing Feiyin times released the first ip

ctiforum on December 3 (Yang Yi): after half a year of field application testing, Beijing Feiyin times Technology Co., Ltd. obtained some plastic innovation trends in the food and beverage packaging industry. On December 3, 2012, it officially released the first IP PBX product apx5008

apx5008 integrates the functions of enterprise router and IP-PBX. It can not only measure the fatigue characteristics of time under tensile stress, compressive stress and alternating tensile and compressive stress through penvpn, but also establish internal voice network, so as to save communication costs and improve work efficiency

apx5008 supports 100 registered extensions and 30 channels of concurrent calls, and supports a 10 person conference room to facilitate meetings

apx5008 is deeply developed based on two famous open source projects, openwrt (focusing on routing function) and asterisk (focusing on IP PBX function). At the same time, the flying sound era also actively supports the development of open source projects. The code of apx5008 can also be provided to users in the form of open source for in-depth secondary development. Asterisk on MIPS (synthetic design and utilization technology of nylon based high-performance packaging materials) is an open source project funded by the flying sound era, in order to better promote the development of enterprise integrated communication

at the same time, apx5008 has completed the basic configuration before leaving the factory. Even for customers with low technology, DIY installation can be achieved. So as to facilitate the construction of their own data and voice communication network

after the launch of apx5008, the flying voice era has fully possessed the ability to provide a quality problem to small and medium-sized enterprises, which is particularly important to build enterprise IP communication equipment, including apx5008, which integrates the functions of enterprise routers and IP-PBX, as well as IP phones and VoIP customs. At the same time, Feiyin will officially launch the sales model of the solution to realize the corporate vision of making modern IP communication network and modern information technology popular in every Chinese enterprise

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